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Streamyx is the brand name of the broadband services own and operates by TM (formerly known as Telekom Malaysia).
TM's high speed data carrying network crisscrossing the entire nation. Thus Streamyx can offer users a high speed broadband internet access regardless of their location within Malaysia.
Streamyx is a type of "wired" broadband, the data packages are transmit via hardwire from the point of user to the international gateway. Therefore, the users can expect a fairly uniform bandwidth allocation at all time and not adversely affected by the weather, location or altitude.

Online Registration

Signing up a broadband service has never been easier. Now, Streamyx can be registered online. The process is a breeze compare to the drudgery of conventional registration.
This website is in business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. Any time is a good time to subscribe to Streamyx and start enjoying a high speed internet connection.
Apart from the convenience of being able to sign up for Streamyx any time and any where you wish, there are free gifts, cash rebates and great discount on offer with every successful application.
That's not all, enjoy savings on top of savings with Streamyx-In-a-Box. Streamyx can be installed without technician support and save on the installation fee of RM88. Modem, together with accessories, installation CD and guide will be delivered to your doorstep absolutely free of charge, a further saving of up to RM25.

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Streamyx Blockbuster Deals

BB Deal 512kbps RM90; BB Deal 1Mbps RM110; BB Deal 2Mbps RM140; BB Deal 4Mbps RM160 

Streamyx Home Basic Packages

At only RM20 per month, Streamyx has the most affordable entry level broadband package among the competitors.
For users who demand nothing but the highest available broadband speed, Streamyx can offer package of up 4MB in download speed.
There are a wide variety of other packages in between the range. Get an unlimited access broadband account from RM60 per month only. Best of all, this Combo package come with a free modem and the waived phone rental which translate to a saving of RM450 for the first year alone.

Package Usage Modem Monthly Fee
Streamyx 384kbps 10 hours - additional usage: 5 sen/minute Without RM20
With RM25
Streamyx 512kbps 60 hours - additional usage: 1sen/minute Without RM44
With RM49
Unlimited Without RM66
Unlimited With RM77
Streamyx 1.0Mbps Unlimited With RM88
Without RM99
Streamyx 2.0Mbps Unlimited With RM188
Streamyx 4.0Mbps Unlimited With RM268

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*Terms and Conditions apply

Streamyx Business Broadband

 ADSL 1IP, 5 IPs; SDSL 1 IP, 5 IPs; 1.0MB; 2.0MB; 4,0MB; 1.5MB Office in a Box is a complete and simple communications solution to bring your ideas to life. Designed to meet the needs of SOHO, small as well as large business. Office in a Box provides exceptional value with attractive call rates and unlimited access to Business Broadband. Covenient, big on value, low on cost - subscribe to Office in a Box today!
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