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Business Broadband

About Business Broadband

It makes perfect business sense for small and medium businesses.
Malaysia's broadband access service is perpetually connected to the Internet with speed bandwidths of 1Mbps up to 4Mbps.
With this high-speed connectivity, Business Broadband is an ideal tool to support most broadband applications such as, web hosting, video streaming, e-commerce, distance learning and others.
If you own a small business, you would find Business Broadband an economic addition to your business as it increases bandwidth, at a low cost. And if yours is a large organization, you would benefit from the support Business Broadband can give you for your mission critical applications like e-commerce, net-meetings, streaming audio/video, portal service, web hosting. You'll also enjoy access to the company LAN for telecommuting employees, extranet for valued customers and business partners.

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