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Streamyx Goes Mobile

Streamyx Combo Goes Mobile Packages

Package Download Speed Upload Speed Features Special Offerings Add On RM10
Combo 1
384kbps 128kbps
  • Unlimited Internet access.
  • With Modem
  • Dynamic IP
  • 1 E-Mail
  • Monthly subscription fee @ RM60
  • Inclusive of fixed line rental
  • Monthly subscription fee at RM10
  • Free Wireless Modem
  • One login on Streamyx Zone* Unlimited
  • FreeItalk buddy account (register at
Combo 2
512kbps 256kbps
  • Monthly subscription fee @ RM90
  • Inclusive of fixed line rental
Combo 3
1Mbps 384kbps
  • Monthly subscription fee @ RM110
  • Inclusive of fixed line rental
Combo 4
2Mbps 384kbps
  • Monthly subscription fee @ RM140
  • Inclusive of fixed line rental
Combo 5
4Mbps 512kbps
  • Monthly subscription fee @ RM160
  • Inclusive of fixed line rental
One time charge Activation fee RM75
Installation fee RM120
  1. *Streamyx Zone previously known as Streamyx Hotspot.
  2. Streamyx In-A-Box option is NOT available (until further notice).
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